Build Changes

Any modifications to the following list of files necessitate a restart of the containers in WordPressify:

  • Nginx & PHP Configurations: Located in the config/ directory.
  • Babel Configuration: Stored in .babelrc.
  • Docker Ignore File: Found in .dockerignore.
  • Environment Variables: Managed in .env.
  • Docker Compose Configuration: Defined in docker-compose.yml.
  • Node.js Dockerfile: Specified in Dockerfile-nodejs.
  • WordPress Dockerfile: Set up in Dockerfile-wordpress.
  • Gulp Configuration: Detailed in gulpfile.js.
  • Node.js Packages: Listed in package.json.

Restart Instructions

If WordPressify is currently running, exit the process using CTRL/CMD+C. To apply the changes, rebuild by executing the command:

npm run build

Alternatively, if NodeJS is not installed locally, utilize Docker commands for rebuilding:

docker compose build

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that any modifications to the specified files are properly implemented by restarting the containers in WordPressify.