A build system designed to automate your WordPress development workflow.

Browser 🌍
// Step 1: Create a directory for the new WordPress website and
from there run WordPressify to generate the file structure

$ npx wordpressify

// Step 2: Run development environment
$ npm run dev

// Step 3: Generate distribution files
$ npm run prod


// * WordPressify requires Node v12+ and Docker Compose.
  • Nodejs ⚙️
  • Gulp 🚀
  • Docker 📦

WordPressify is a modern workflow for your WordPress development, with an integrated database, web server and auto-reload. CSS preprocessors and ES6 ready.

WordPressify is a simple tool that helps you build WordPress themes and plugins. It takes care of the development experience by providing a web server with a database out of the box, zero-configuration required.

  • Nodejs 💻

    Dev Server

    A development server for PHP and MariaDB database out of the box.

  • Auto Reload 🔄


    Watches for all your changes and reloads in real-time.

  • Styles 🎨


    Preprocessors: PostCSS or Sass with source maps.

  • JavaScript (ES6) 🤓

    JavaScript ES6

    Babel compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

  • Libraries 📚

    External Libraries

    Easy import for external JavaScript libraries and npm scripts.

  • Customizable ✅


    Flexible build customization, managed by gulp tasks.


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