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A build system designed to automate your WordPress development workflow.

WordPressify is a simple tool that helps you build WordPress themes and plugins. It takes care of the development experience by providing a web server with a database out of the box, with zero configuration required.

Get Started
WordPressify home page illustration
// Step 1: Create a directory for the new project and
// run WordPressify to generate the file structure *
$ npx wordpressify

// Step 2: Run development environment
$ npm run start

// Step 3: Generate distribution files
$ npm run export


// * WordPressify requires Docker.


Dev ServerDev Server

A development server for PHP and MariaDB database out of the box.


Watches for all your changes and reloads in real-time.


Preprocessors: PostCSS or Sass with source maps.

JavaScript ES6JavaScript ES6

Babel compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

External LibrariesExternal Libraries

Easy import for external JavaScript libraries and npm scripts.


Flexible build customization, managed by gulp tasks.

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