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Your all-in-one solution for seamless WordPress development, providing preconfigured servers, auto-reload, and streamlined workflows in a single command.

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// Step 1: Create a directory for the new project and // run WordPressify to generate the file structure $ npx wordpressify // Step 2: Run development environment $ npm run start
 // Step 3: Generate distribution files $ npm run export 🚀

// * WordPressify requires Docker.

Streamline Your Development Experience

WordPressify is a robust build system meticulously crafted to automate your WordPress theme and plugin development. Our tool simplifies the development experience by seamlessly providing a pre-configured web server complete with a database. With zero manual configuration required, you can focus on creating exceptional WordPress solutions without the hassle of setup.

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Development Server

WordPressify PHP development server comes pre-configured with a database and automatic WordPress installation. Get started quickly and efficiently.

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WordPressify diligently monitors all your modifications and triggers real-time browser refreshes. Maintain your focus and enhance productivity.

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Cross Platform

WordPressify relies on a single global dependency, Docker. It is compatible across multiple platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

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